lundi 17 novembre 2008

Conflict - The Final Conflict LP (Mortarhates 1988)

Bon, pas du tout une rareté, au contraire, un classique INCONTOURNABLE, un MONUMENT ; sur ce coup-là, je me fais plaisir avec l'album "The Final Conflict" du groupe britannique Conflict. Il y a tout dans cet album : de la rage, de la conviction, de l'émotion à l'état brute ! Musicalement, ça envoie comme aucun autre groupe ; après avoir écouté cet album, tous les autres groupes de hardcore passent pour des miauleurs poussifs ! Et puis, si vous aimez l'émo, le ska, la hardcore/punk, le punk 77, le crust : il y a tout ça dans cet album. Enfin, l'introduction du dernier titre au saxophone est selon moi un des plus grands moments musicaux de l'histoire du punk.

Téléchargement / Download : The Final Conflict LP

Track-list :
  • 01 - Countdown to Confrontation
  • 02 - Let the Battle Commence
  • 03 - I heard a Rumour
  • 04 - The Chord is Cut
  • 05 - Barricades and Broken Dreams
  • 06 - Do You Get the Picture
  • 07 - The A Team
  • 08 - These Things take Time
  • 09 - Radio Trash
  • 10 - The Final Conflict


Time and time again we hear the same old rumours
Conflict doing this, Conflict doing that
Have you heard the one about Conflicts pacifism?
The message is swing on a baseball bat
Have you heard the one about the anarchist bust fund?
Really it goes to Conflicts beer fund
Buys Hoddy's smack, Colin meat pies
Did you know Mortarhate's really EMI?
Time and time again we hear the same old rumours
Conflict doing this, conflict doing that
I saw, I heard, guess what they done?
Got the punters to riot down in Brixton
They say they will bring the nation to its knees
But where were they when it went off in Leeds?
Is it true Colin bought his girlfriend a horse?
Owns a block of flats? Does a science course?
Heard about how they rip off bands?
A fiver expenses for touring the land
Said the money was going to ALF
Gave a carrot to the animals and pocketed the rest
Eight hundred gigs in just eight years
Said it caused hard work, blood and tears
They say our movement is been destroyed
It's just another Conflict ploy!
Time and time again we hear the same old rumours
Conflict doing this, conflict doing that
"The King's of Punk", are they so sincere?
Their chauvinist stance makes the answer clear
We are in it for the drugs, birds and booze
There ain't a dirty trick we wouldn't use

Well drop it, forget it, because you got it fucking wrong

And while I'm about it, should I sing it? Should I shout it?
Standing on the world's stage, the emotion the outrage
A target in the firing line for a slagging of a new age
And just as we attempted to spark a little hope
Trigger fingers started wagging, "you're just a fading joke"
You never wanted leaders, but you treated us as such
And then when we said "no more of this", who kicked away your crutch?
You accused us of hypocrisy and ripping people off
Who co-arranged Stop the City? Who told it was not enough?
Who's been nicked for animal raids, hunt sabbing, speaking out (so what)?
Oh yeah while I'm about it, should I scream or should I shout it?
All criticisms that you made, the song remains the same
The gathering down in Brixton, who was it who took the blame?
Blamed for causing riots, blamed for causing violence
Blamed by you for being born, then blamed for being silent

Drop it, forget it, you got it fucking wrong

Une fois n'est pas coutume, je propose à l'écoute l'intégralité de l'album.

Bon téléchargement, bonne écoute
Cordialement, Xav

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