vendredi 5 septembre 2008

The Subversives - Tomorrow belongs to no one 12" EP (Vulture Rock 1996)

Voici le maxi 45 tours "Tomorrow belongs to no one" du groupe américain The Subversives, sorti en 1996 sur le label Vulture Rock.

Cinq titres lignée punk UK 82, comme je l'aime. Rien à ajouter.

Télécharger / Download : The Subversives EP

Bon téléchargement, bonne écoute
Cordialement, Xav

2 commentaires:

Ollie Stench a dit…

I was the bass player in this band. Feel free to post any and all of our music you want.

Thanks for keeping our name out there!


la-cantatrice-chauve a dit…

Nice to meet you here Ollie !

I really like the sound and that's why this 12" EP was one of my first posts. And thanx a lot for the "post & share" attitude.

Best Regards, Xav